Jacqueline Münch

Psychological Consultant, Psychoanalyst, Sex Therapist, Couple Counsellor, Mother-Child Counselling

Public : Adults, Adolescents, Children
Languages : English, German
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Psychoanalyst, Psychological Consultant, Sex Therapist, Couple Therapist, Child Developpement Counsellor

In my carrier as a psychological consultant, I follow the approach that the causes of mental suffering are hidden in one or more conflicts that are probably lodged only in the subconscious. Based on this assumption, we analyze the connection between the current mental suffering and the unconscious causes. Building a trusting relationship with my clients is the alpha and omega of retrieving and recalling the unconscious conflicts. This reciprocal trust relationship helps them learn and subsequently cope with emotional stress and conflict issues in a different manner, that is, solve unconscious past conflicts that have led to a current mental condition.

My education in psychoanalysis 

My educational paths have led me through multiple stations, inter alia to the Psychoanalytischen Seminar Zürich (PSZ), an internationally recognized Swiss institute dedicated to the teachings of Freud where I have been a lecturer since 2013. I have also deepened my knowledge of psychoanalysis by obtaining the master’s degree in psychoanalytic studies at the renowned Tavistock & Portman clinic in London.

My areas of specialization in psychological consulting 

Being a psychological consultant, I have three focal points: the mother-child relationship, couple relationships, and sex therapy. My education as a development consultant gave me experience in the mother-child consulting. I deepened this knowledge through subject-specific workshops. My additional specialization in couple’s relationships followed training in couple’s therapy at the IBP (institute of body psychotherapy and coaching) Zurich as well as with the American couple’s therapist David Schnarch. I am also undergoing a continuous training to become a sex therapist according to the Sexocorporel concept. Finally, I gained expertise in communication management at the Frauenseminar Bodensee. 
Thanks to my specialized training and expertise as an experienced psychologist, I can advise you on the matters of the mother-child relationship and assist you in conflicts in couple’s relationships. I am also a competent contact person for any education and education-related issues that fall within the scope of social pedagogy. In this area of specialization, I rely on the knowledge gained from my studies and subject-specific workshops.

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