Anastasia Arefieva

Psychological Practitioner, Counsellor

Public : Adults
Languages : English, Russian, Ukrainian
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3 Place de l'Alma, 1200 Bruxelles
0484 68 16 56
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psychologist brussels

Psychological Practitioner, Counsellor

I also offer online counselling sessions via Skype, Facetime, and WhatsApp.

Who am I?

I have expertise and university education in both Philosophy and Clinical Psychology, and my passion is helping people. I specialise in anxiety, insomnia, love addiction, grief, and negative life scenarios, such as repeated betrayal, rejection, and failure to achieve the goal. 
I do not think that psychological help is limited to merely “solving problems”. In my practice, I focus on personal growth and on finding stable motivation and energy to fulfil life’s purpose. To become really efficient and successful, one has to dedicate time to find out what thought patterns, learnt behaviours, and unconscious beliefs limit them. 
My philosophical background proved to be very efficient in helping patients struggling with the loss of meaning, feeling trapped, and an inability to see a future. Philosophical coaching is a unique psychotherapeutic method. It is not about lecturing on the history of philosophy, but rather about exploring the universe of the client, helping them to find out what makes life meaningful for them. With the help of proven psychological intervention tools, I help clients to find coherence in their thoughts and feelings, notice repeated patterns of behaviour, change them, and see the most efficient solution to their problem. In my practice, I focus on feelings and how the body communicates them, because feelings determine our reactions and actions.

Education and Training

I received my higher education in both Philosophy and Psychology. I hold a BA, MA, and MPhil in Philosophy, BSc in Clinical Psychology, and I am currently pursuing a MSc in Clinical Psychology, option Psychopathology at KU Leuven.


I offer both short- and long-term support. It is worth remembering that the journey of self-exploration and psychological evolution is unique for everyone. It is quite possible to achieve substantial changes and improvement in just 4-6 sessions, particularly if you encountered your problem just recently. Chronic difficulties usually require a longer period of work.  
To find out what will help you personally, I offer a free 30-minute consultation by Skype.
1200 Woluwe-St-Lambert
1160 Auderghem
1180 Uccle
1050 Ixelles
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem
1780 Wemmel
5002 Namur
3 Place de l'Alma, bte 4, 1200 Bruxelles

+32 496 64 57 80 
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